About 22nd National Convention of Society of Pharmacognosy

        Society of Pharmacognosy is a national body of Pharmacy Professionals not only belonging to the stream of Pharmacognosy, but all the other disciplines in function till date. The quality of services being delivered in succession by the society could be assessed by the fact it has members not only from India but from all round the globe. Every year, society organizes a customary annual national convention and once in four year international conference to compile the thoughts of scientists and academicians engaged in pharmacognosy research.

        This year, Ganpat University, Shree S.K.Patel College of Pharmaaceutical Education and Researh is hosting the 22nd National Convention of Society of Pharmacognosy and International Conference on "Integrating Ayurveda & Herbal Drugs for Next generatioin therapeutics & Supplements: Oportunities & Challanges". The conference will uncover the following important Scientific deliberations by the experts of national and international repute.

  • Role of Ayurveda and other traditional practices in global healthcare system
  • Worldwide demand and trade in Herbal based therapeutics and supplements
  • Development of  Quality by Design (QbD) processes and products for Herbal therapeutics and supplements
  • New Challenges and recent developments in Herbal drug research and therapeutics
  • Potential of Herbal drugs in global dietary supplements,functional foods and Nutraceuticals
  • Indian and Global regulatory requirements for Ayurvedic drugs, Herbal therapeutics and Nutraceuticals.
  • Applications of advanced analytical and separation techniques in herbal drug research